Dreamweaver is my preferred application to use for web site design. It produces clean code and interfaces nicely with the other products in Adobe's Creative Suite.



I have worked with Flash for several years. You will find that it is used throughout this site. I first learned how to develop Flash animation through a web-development class at IPFW's Continuing Education Department. This class focused on basic timeline animation. I have since taught myself ActionScript, which is used on our family's 2009 online Christmas card in the snowfall and moving Santa Claus. I have also taught myself masking, as seen in the NPNP spotlight animation.




I have worked other products such as Paint Shop Pro for image manipulation but Photoshop is the best out there. It supports layers, transparent backgrounds, and most any image file that exists. Check out some of my samples in the gallery.




There are times when it's necessary to edit audio. For simple jobs, the Mac has Garage Band and the PC world has Audacity. For more complex tasks, I reach for Sonar X1 by Cakewalk. Although it's nice, you don't always have to have Pro Tools. Whatever gets the job done in the allotted time and budget is the right choice.




For video, the editor that I've chosen is Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate. It offers an easy to use interface and professional effects.




Like audio, I reach for different tools for graphic manipulation. Sometimes it's PhotoShop, other times it's Fireworks. I've also been known to use Paint and Paintshop Pro. It depends where I'm at, what I've got, and what needs to be done.



VM-Ware / Virtualbox

Although my current profession doesn't offer me th opportunity to work with virtualization, as a mater of personal interest I have used both VM-Ware and Oracle's Virtual box. I used VM-Ware to run Linux on a netbook. Virtualbox worked better for getting Mac OS-X running on my laptop under Windows XP.




BPCS is an ERP system developed by SSA in the 1990's. I have been working with BPCS from version 2.0 through 4.5CD and have had training on 6.0 and 8.0. When Group Dekko was migrating from PC's running PICK to the AS/400 platform I managed the file conversions and migration. I am fully knowledgeable of all modules including the MRP/MPS, shop floor, and financials.



Kronos iSeries Timekeeper

I support Kronos in my current position as well as the interfaces to the BPCS general ledger and Software Plus payroll system.



Software Plus

Software Plus (SP) is an AS/400-based HR and payroll system by Unicorn HRO. I perform annual upgrades, maintain interfaces to the Kronos time and attendance system and BPCS general ledger. I also assist HR and Accounting with reporting needs for workman's comp., FMLA, tax reporting, fixed assets, and general ledger.



Autorelease / Vendor Release

Autorelease and Vendor Release are software packages from Infor for sending and receiving customer and supplier EDI. These packages are designed for companies in the auto industry. I work with auto manufacturers, VAN's, and suppliers in the transmission of orders, PO's, planning data, invoices, advance ship notices (ASN's), and acknowledgements.




Showcase is a client/server data retrieval and reporting tool by SPSS. I assist users in developing queries, writing SQL statements, and linking