I have been writing HTML for over 15 years. My first HTML editor was called "Hot Dog". Today my web development is done mostly in Dreamweaver although I still fall back to Notepad. Often the HTML needs tweeking or other languages such as PHP or JavaScript need to be integrated.



When I first learned HTML I learned about cascading style sheets. They are essential for easily providing uniform code throughout multiple pages on a site. I have used them on this and other sites.


VB / Basic

I have been programming in various forms of basic for over 20 years. This includes HP 2000 basic, Apple basic, various forms of Business basic, PICK basic, and in recent years Microsoft Visual Basic (VB). My experience with VB began in MS-Access by developing basic code to drive functionality in forms. I am now working toward certification in .NET by Microsoft.


SQL Server

I began working with SQL Server in 2011. It is part of my self-education in .NET programming. In the Microsoft world SQL Server is the typical back-end database. Although I have worked with MS-Access databases and forms, I am woring on becoming more adept and developing similar applications based on SQL Server.



I have worked with JavaScript for a couple years. The application that drove my initial interest was to have a "Christmas Countdown" to be used in conjunction with Flash annimation for our family's 2009 online Christmas card. More recently I have added several projects which can be found in my JavaScript portfolio. The drop-down menus for this site are done with JavaScript.




I have worked with Flash for several years. You will find that it is used throughout this site. I first learned how to develop Flash animation through a web-development class at IPFW's Continuing Education Department. This class focused on basic timeline animation. I have since taught myself ActionScript, which is used on our family's 2009 online Christmas card in the snowfall and moving Santa Claus. I have also taught myself masking, as seen in the NPNP spotlight animation.




It seems that where MySQL goes, PHP isn't far behind. My desire to develop dynamic web sites driven by a back-end database led me to PHP. Still, PHP can do a lot more than just access MySQL. It offers a solid language for traditional applications. The drop-down menus for this site are JavaScript wrapped in a single PHP script that is included on every page.

Here is another simple PHP/MySQL app that I wrote to display random quotes:

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.

- unknown



Eclipse / WDSC

Websphere Development Studio Client (WDSC) is an Eclipse-based development environment that I use on a daily basis when editing any form of RPG code. The search and multiple window capabilities make it an essential tool for most any kind of development. I have worked with Eclipse in exploring development for the Android mobile platform.




I first used SQL in PICK Basic programs. In PICK Basic programs would typically use a SELECT statement to pre-select and sort records for sequential processing. Years of experience in this environment made it an easy transition to start using it on IBM's AS/400 (iSeries, System/i) midrange platform. Over the years I have used SQL to select and update records as well as define file layouts. I also use it with Showcase Query and Report Writer to access AS/400 files via ODBC, typically to populate Excel spreadsheets. More recently I have begun using it in MySQL and Microsoft's SQL SERVER (2005 and 2010). My blog runs off of a MySQL database.



Microsoft Visual Studio

Although I first learned to use Visual Basic in Access and on its own, I have since moved to development with Visual Studio 2005 and 2010.




I currently work in an IBM AS/400 environment. I support many commercial packages written in RPG and RPGLE. When I have to write new programs I write in RPG/Free. The free-form syntax lends itself to programs that are easier to read and maintain. When the need arises to modify legacy code I will typically write in the original language unless the modifications are extensive and require additional functionality.


I use CL typically as a wrapper for the various forms of RPG to handle file overrides and system commands.




AS/SET is a RPG code generator by SSA that I used for years on the AS/400 for various projects. It provided a means of rapid development. Unfortunately, as SSA went through some transitions in ownership support fell by the wayside. The product failed to keep pace with the developments in RPG. I have written and debugged AS/SET code with and without the use of the AS/SET code generator and debugger.