I have worked primarily with TCP/IP. I have configured DHCP servers, FTP servers, and Apache web servers. I have set up port-forwarding on routers to direct remote access to the correct server.



I have worked with switches, routers, hubs, network adaptors, print servers, and access points. I worked with Ethernet and token-ring network topologies. I have experience with power over ethernet devices.




I have worked with wireless devices for approximately 15 years. My first experiences were doing site surveys and setting up access points and wireless barcode scanners for a shipping system. I have worked with wireless PC network adapters that were built-in, internal cards, and USB adapters.




With any phone or data network comes cabling. I have ran and terminated cable to punch-down blocks, patch pannels, and data jacks. I own my own punch-down tool (66 and 110 blades), handset, toner, and sniffer. In addition to CAT-5 cable I also have experience terminating coax, twinax, and ladder-line.