PMP Certification

In addition to documented real-world project management experience, the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification requires classroom training. To satisfy this requirement I enrolled in an online PMP training class offered by Gatlin Education Services through IPFW's Department of Continuing Education. This class guides you through the concepts of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK). In addition to this class I also read several self-study books.


Shipper's Assistant

Shipper's Assistant was a PRODUCT that generated barcode labels, allowed users to scan barcodes on boxes stacked on pallets, generate shipping documents such as packing lists, bills-of-lading, pallet labels, export documents, update inventory, create invoice data, and initiate transmission of advanced ship notices via EDI. The PROJECT(s) were development, testing, various implementations, hardware installations, enhancements, and training. Often several projects would be in the works simultaneously at different stages of completion. These projects often were constricted by time and budget. The result of these projects were near-zero shipping mistakes, more accurate paperwork, no manual keying of shipment data, and more timely transmission of advanced ship notices.



EDI Migration

The EDI migration project was designed to move EDI processing from an I.T. function to personnel at the responsible facility. Successful completion required working with customers (major auto manufacturers), VAN's, and internal personnel. This project required new mailboxes be set up and a phased transition from of trading partnerships to the new mailboxes without disruption to the incomming and outgoing EDI. The result of the project was reduced need for I.T. to communicate EDI errors to plant personnel who would ultimately fix them, more timely processing of EDI, and reduced paper recordkeeping.


Change Request System

This project was to develop and implement an electronic process to replace a paper system for changes to parts in the BPCS ERP system. The resulting product allowed anyone to create a change request but data specific to the Purchasing, Corporate Accounting, Plant Accounting, Production Control, and Engineering departments were segregated to their own approval or rejection. By dividing the data no one department would hinder another from their own input or approval. The process also would automatically e-mail status reports of change requests requiring action as well as reports of change requests that had been posted since the previous report. The new process has saved time, increased visibility, and provided an online history of part changes.



Other Projects

I have been involved in many other projects involving production forecast reporting, implementation of building access systems, evaluation of document imaging systems, upgrades to various packaged software, system upgrades/migration, and many more.