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Just In Time For Christmas

December 5th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

My Thanksgiving break was a productive time.  The arcade cabinet had languished for weeks.  Having a large block of time helped me get rolling again.


1.  Wired the control panel

This was a lengthy process of cutting, terminating and crimping wires to every button and joystick for both the positive lead and ground.

2.  Mounted the monitor

In addition to the securing the monitor to the cabinet this included using a Dremel to carve out some space on the back of the bezel to give some room to the power and other buttons on the front of the monitor.  I also drilled a small hole in the bezel to give “paperclip access” to a the power button on the monitor.

3.  Wired the speakers to the amplifier.

This was the easiest job.  It was just a matter of twisting the lead wires from the speakers to some speaker wire going to the amplifier.

Still to go:

1.  Screw in a small 2×2 to the back of the front door to help support the weight of the front door.

2.  Re-attach the back panel to the back of the cabinet.

3.  Mount the smart switch power strip.

4.  Mount the PC inside the cabinet.

5.  Secure the amplifier inside the cabinet.

6.  Configure the USB wireless adapter on the PC.

7.  Transfer the games to the PC.

8.  Configure the HyperSpin menu.

9.  Send the marquee artwork in for printing.

10.  Mount the marquee.

Although there are a number of tasks to go, they are relatively short and simple.  There should be gaming by Christmas!

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