Ham Radio

Long before the advent of cell phones I got interested in ham (amateur) radio when I saw someone make a phone call from his handheld radio. While I was in college I passed the FCC test to earn my novice license. Each level of licensing requires passing a test of Morese Code and/or electronics theory. Within a year I passed the test for a General-class license. A couple of years later I passed the Advanced-class license test. I have participated in events held by two Fort Wayne radio clubs including field day, emergency weather spotting, and hamfests..s




With any phone or data network comes cabling. I have ran and terminated cable to punch-down blocks, patch pannels, and data jacks. I own my own punch-down tool (66 and 110 blades), handset, toner, and sniffer. In addition to CAT-5 cable I also have experience terminating coax, twinax, and ladder-line.




VM-Ware / Virtualbox

Although my current profession doesn't offer me th opportunity to work with virtualization, as a mater of personal interest I have used both VM-Ware and Oracle's Virtual box. I used VM-Ware to run Linux on a netbook. Virtualbox worked better for getting Mac OS-X running on my laptop under Windows XP.